Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pyramid Was A Success

Holiday greetings rebels and rebelettes. If you missed my performance at pyramid club then you missed magic that  could have taken place before your very eyes. I had so much fun smh. When i got there the people of the venue were late so i was stuck in the rain for a hot min eventually though they came and i was eventually able to warm up. Shortly after one of my friends from work came out as promised. He actually has his own talent agency on the come up as well (Push To Start talent agency) as well as a few shirts and various other merch promoting his brand. I promised i would wear some of his merch to help get his word out there. A few min go by and the rest of my team arrive. Since i was the opening act i was ready to kick off the night right. I think "worth fighting for" was perfect because i definitely felt a little bit of a mood shift. In most cases there's a lot of ego and tension in the air at these types of events but i really think my song helped minimize it. When i got off there was a lovely lady by the name of Deena who was singing my song so i took the time out to sign her copy of her cd. After that i continued passing out business cards and cds. All in all i would say that this night was a success!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Opening Act

whats going on rebels and rebelettes. Yall thought i was busy before? smh well you haven't seen nothing yet. A couple of weeks ago i had a meeting that went exceptionally well. Long story short tomorrow night at the pyramid club i will be the opening act for the entire show. This is big news for me, i dont want to broadcast what else was said but if this show goes well then it will lead to a lot of great opportunities. On top of that i will be performing "worth fighting for" for the first time ever. I felt it is a good song to start the night off and has a good message. I have been so busy with meetings and other things yet and still i have not lost focus or anything. i am extremely hyped to this show. Every chance i got while i was at work i was practicing. This will be shot live from must rebel tv so stick around you are not going to miss it at all!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wait Is Over

Since 2009 i've been working on trying to finish a mixtape or album well as of 11/24/11 i am finished with my first professional mixtape! I say professional because from 2006 to 2008 i was recording, editing, and mixing my projects myself. needless to say that they sounded horrible but hey you live and you learn. This time around i wanted it to be done right. From mixing, editing, mastering, graphics everything smh. I can't lie this project was more costly then i thought lol. Thank God i have such a love and passion for this because if i didn't i would have said to hell with this and started looking for a regular job because its so expensive lol. This was a good learning experience because now i have a better idea of what type of budget i will need for my projects. On a side note i can honestly see why artist go running for a that don't have to come out of pocket lol. Back to the topic  i want to give a shout out to Microphone Bully who did the graphic artwork. F.L.O. Empire for the duplication, Straight From The Lab Productions for the mixing, mastering and recording. Theres the people featured on the tape which is Mike Bostic and Filly The ClassLoser. Finally i want to thank my family for without them i don't think i could have continued and made it here without them. When i say family i include you the fans because you have embraced me and supported in this early stage of my career. Thank You and i really hope that everyone who hears and downloads my mixtape enjoys theirself.

The Last Episode

Hey rebels/rebelettes. Well this is it. This Thursday will be the last episode of Must Rebel TV. If you didn't read the earlier blogs the reason for this is numerous but mainly it has to do with me focusing more on mixtapes/albums. A lot of Must Rebel TV episodes were of me recording songs for Rebel Thursday. After looking at all the songs i have recorded i have enough songs to get me through March (which is when Rebel Thursday will stop. now that Rebel Thursday is taken care of i can now put more time into more projects. Right now i'm thinking about the list of songs i would like to record for next week. Since this is my last show on air i want to make sure i end with a bang. I want a well balanced mix of songs. Crazy 16's, deep tracks even some about women (yes i said women lol). So thats what you can look forward to. So get ready for the final episode of Must Rebel TV!

Pyramid Club

It feels like another day another show. Last week Tuesday i performed at Pyramid Club. it was an open mic which was music to my ears because i'm honestly sick of showcases. They're cool and all but showcases bring out so much ego, resentment, and jealousy. This show was a little different though. This time i made sure none of my people came out. why did i do this you ask? i did that because one i wanted to prepare myself for when it comes tiime to perform out of state and country. those familiar faces will not always be there so i wanted to prep myself. Another reason is because i wasnt trying to hear peoples lame ass excuses of why they can't make it. Granted it was last min bu still. After my last show i definitely stopped being so close with people. It may seem petty but it is what it is. Back to the show i had a good time. I performed "Countdown To The Last Hour", saw a lot of good talent and networked with people as well. I was glad i got a chance to network with the judges who were very cool and social able. I remember one person was a representative of which is big. Honestly i forgot who the other two were but they were very nice as well. After that i was getting ready to leave when i was stopped by these dudes. They stopped me to tell me that they liked my performance and the song. Turns out those dudes are from buffalo and have their own show. They were kind enough to feature me for a few seconds. All in all it was a fun and productive night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yet Another Networking Event

Realize im a little late here but late Sept i attended another business networking event that my constituent hosted. Got there later then anticipated but still had fun and mingled with some nice people. The event took place at the Katra Lounge which if you havent been is a really nice little spot. We were in the basement level which was smooth. Great atmosphere, had a few drinks all in all it was a nice productive night. here and in the next few posts you will see how your boy got down that night lol.

Nuyo Rican Cafe!

Whats going on my Rebels/Rebelettes a few nights ago i ripped the stage at The Nuyo Rican Cafe. Had a great time and really felt in the zone that night. I performed "Your Now Listenin To", "Hold On One More Day", and "Countdown To The Last Hour". If you haven't heard them you can check Rebel Thursdays and also the mixtape when it drops thanksgiving. I will be posting a video connected to this post in a few just give some time i have a lot to write about and record. Videos and pictures of that night will be up soon enough they are still being edited. In the mean time enjoy these upcoming videos dedicated to the GTA series as well as a few from the last networking event that i attended.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Greetings and salutations fellow rebels and rebelettes. This title might shock and alarm you but its only partially true. As you know "Must Rebel TV" is broken up into three sections. One sections is that my shows/performances will be shot live. The next section s is when i am out and about with my team just hanging out giving you the back stage pass to that. Lastly i would take you into the studio so you could see first hand me recording the songs you all know and love. This last and final section will be the section that will be removed next week.

Why do you ask? well, as you know i record a LOT of music in one session so as far as rebel thursday goes i am actually quite covered in the sense that i really dont have to make to many more songs to fill up the thursdays from now till the last week of march. Sounds crazy yes i know but its true. One other reason i will be shutting this portion down will be because i will be focusing on my album as well as upcoming mixtapes so i dont want anything to leak out (even if you are only just hearing my vocals).

In so doing this i can put more time and thought into the way i want my projects to come out (even though so far they are all on the right path). So there you have it 100th post is a dozy. The last episode i will try to make it Dec 1st so this way i can set up the songs properly for a true finally.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Track List

Track 1. Breath Fire On 'Em
Track 2. Keep Surviving
Track 3. Go Hard Or Go Home
Track 4. Hold On 1 More Day
Track 5. This Is My Moment feat. Filly The ClassLoser
Track 6. Countdown To The Last Hour
Track 7. Never Let Go (Hold On Remix) feat. Mike Basic
Track 8. Wild Wild East
Track 9. Won't Let You Win
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