Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love my nephew

Wednesday night I received a call from my lie it was the sweetest thing. He called just to say hi and how he missed me. He also called because his class was going on a field trip and he wanted me to come. It was last minute but I still pushed myself to make it. What really made me have to go was the fact that he said he doesn't see that much because I'm always busy and he wants to hang out with me. That touched me so much what choice did I really have but to go right. I'm glad I did because his face lit up when he saw me. He told all his friends I was arriving like I was some superstar already. The thing is is that even though I may be underground and well known to him i made it already lol. I guess this was the feeling I was longing for. To have someone to teach and guide and have them look up to me. I always wanted a little bro or SIS so him and his brother and SIS are as close to it as its gonna get. I always say that if something or someone is important to you you will make time for them with no problems. I love those little guys and I would do anything for them I just never really thought about how much I might mean to them. I'm not a perfect man nor do I claim to be one but I do try my best to be the best version of me possible and always striving to better myself not only for my sake but because I have little eyes constantly watching everything I do I can't let them down. I won't let them down.
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