Monday, August 15, 2011

meetings meetings and more meetings

Yo I swear in these last couplenof days I have been to so many meetings smmfh. Its getting hard to remember them all but here goes...

One meeting was about retirement plans I.R.A's and stuff like that. Now if you have been following politics and the news then you know that retirement plans and all that good stuff is slowly being exterminated. The more money they pukk from these resources the more money the country will be in debt smh. I'm not going to just let that happen so i set up a meeting to try to have the best plan possible to counter act what's going on. All in all I found a good package that I will be investing into later this year.

Another meeting I had was with this event planner who is throwing a showcase together later this September. I am reviewing the contract and weighing my options now. I will see what happens come the beginning of Sept.

Now this meeting had to do with this job for some legal stuff. Highly skeptical at first (and still am) I will still try to do business with them when the time is right

Last but not least I had a meeting discussing stock options. I am proud to say that i feel I have two geat investments that I believe will achieve a lot of interest and revenue in the long run.

Well there you have it that was pretty much my week for the most part. I am currently at work now so i have to get back to that. If there is time I will post something in the meantime stay rebellious everyone.

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