Monday, February 21, 2011


greetings rebels n rebelettes. before i even begin to tell yall bout my day i have to share these 3 dreams i had wit yall. one thing u have to kno bout me is that i b havin sum random ass dreams for real. ok here we go....

DREAM1: it starts out im runnin in what it looks to be flushin queens. im along side most of my friends and cuzin. turns out we jus robbed this jewelry store n the cops r on to us. when i looked at the merchandise that we stole all i saw was sum bullshit cubic zirconia earrings. the same damn ones you could find on jamaiaca ave smmfh. neways i also remember my dude bj hauling an amazin amount of ass lol. you would have thought this nigga had warrants or sumthin lol. he tosses the rest of the stuff over to me and we seperate. at this point now im runnin through the town by myself dodging cars, hoppin fences the works...THE END! for wateva reason the dream ended right there...or so i thought.....

DREAM2: in a weird way me runnin around and doin all that stuff in the last dream greatly affected the outcome of this dream. apparently i was doin all this n it continued kind of while i was at work n on the clock. the head boss happened to have found me n immediately fired me. i remember in my dream i was explainin to him that i never even had a write up before so for me to be fired right here on the spot is wrong. he continued to give me a hard time so i already had it in my mind that i was goin to go to my other boss and ask him if i could jus be relocated to a different place. i woke up abruptly n was happy it was a dream n i still had a job lol. i think wat really triggered this dream was the fact that a coworker n i wewre discussin people being fired the other day and how they only aim to fire people who have been written up. its amazin wat your sub conscious can pick up smh.

DREAM3 the 3rd and final dream was jus plain wtf. i was walkin home (frum where i have no idea dont ask me) and sum shorty pulled up in a car n bagged me. i told her to drop me off close to my house n she started tryna kiss me or wateva. when sumthin is too good to b tru IT REALLY IS. since she was in a car i wasnt gonna bother to ask for her age but sumthin told me to jus do it neway because she looked young to begin with. i asked her n this gurl was fuckin 13 YEARS OLD! i was like um UUUPPPP im gone. opened the door n flew the fuck up outta there lol. (y is a 13 yr old drivin around queens pickin up guys idk its beyond me) but i do kno that when i finally got in the house there was poppa johns and domino's pizza waitin for me....and then i woke up smmfh 

there u have it folks. this is wat runs through my mind sumtimes when i sleep which is y i try 2 stay awake cuz at least then i kno im in control of my own thoughts.


  1. lmao those were some crazy dreams but funny..i could probably make a movie out of your dreams by putting them together..keep writing them down and i'm going to do that

    **~Lisha Enterpriese~**

  2. how i mess up on my own name smh lol

    **~Lisha Enterprises~~**


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