Friday, January 28, 2011


ok so wat happened was that due to sum wild niggas outside  the event had 2 get shut down. needless to say my peoples as well as every1 else is pissed the hell off. not jus because people couldnt perform but also it costs money to get a slot up there. i was tryin to get a spot for that night (glad i didnt now but im sayin) everybody askin bout a refund n arguin wit managers n owners. my nigga malik said fuck all that got up on stage n started singin neway lol. i give him major props for that cuz thats real right there. afta that we by coat check tryna get outta here but the managers n owners still being assholes especially this tall 1. t-kor is havin a convo wit 1 owner n out of nowhere this 1 dude cums through like who r u to b talkin like that n all this otha kind of shit. so u kno my nigga tlost it lol. i didnt kno whether to pop off or go save him because at the end of the day this is a networkin music event so u have to b careful how people perceive u. once we got outside we walked all the way to 34th st for the lirr. between gettin there we pass this drunk guy n this gurl. we turn around to c that this dude was messin wit her. idk if she knew her or not but me malik n t ran up on him jus in case. t-kors mom made us chill cuz she made a point. if she didnt kno who he was she would have tried to scream or run or sumthin she jus sat there n took the punch like shes used to it. either way its wrong but we left it alone. finally after walkin almost aimlessly it seems through downtown n midtown manhatten we finally made it to penn station. said my goodbyes n i was off on the E train. smh didnt get home till like 4am n had work at 9am. needless to say im goin off fumes right now. thats all for now on this post. stay tuned cuz i have sum heavy good news cummin this is the rebel signin out 1


greetings n salutations rebels n rebelettes. yesterday was quite interestin didnt think it was gonna b though. 1st off i came in2 work when i wasnt supposed to so that pissed me off. lata on that night i knew that my dude  t-kor was performin so i had 2 make that happen. got there late thinkin i missed shit smh of course i didnt, they didnt even start yet smh. finally afta bout 2 hours n feeble attempts for a mic check they were to begin. the show started off alright there was 2 acts i liked the most n felt they were the best. this lil tiny short dude lol. mutha fucka was spittin, dancin, and singin all at once lol (not to mention hes also a producer). he had mad energy which was a plus cuz a couple people came up there soundin dead. the other act was this chick. she had a pop kinda style to her but she was good. she did this song that i think was called sky high or sum shit...that shit was dope! i was bout 2 ask her where to download that shit at but i couldnt really find her in the crowd nemore. sadly that was it cuz frum then on it was wack act after wack act like wtf who is tellin these niggas they can spit? my whole team (filly,j.e.m., courtney, t-kor,malik n a few gurls) were all bored stiff smh. this is wat really did it though... (continue on next post).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


wat it is rebels n rebelettes sorry for the delay on the website. sum bullshit happened wit the site where u could customize it so i dont think the site will b up intil mayb the end of this if nething. now that that is taken care of lets bring u up to speed n let u kno wats goin on. well first off i had a business meeting yesterday with this venue. everything went very well we are keeping in touch. since i was in the city my assisstant took me to this ill ass chinese spot. tried fried duck n then had sum chicken lou mein (or however u spell it). afta that i watched my niece until moms came back n then i was off 2 the studio. recorded "fuck you" lol look idk if i should put it on a mixtape or leak it out now wat yall think? i will figure sumthin out but in the meantime imma keep writin songs nm typin up these proposals i aint tryna make this post too long so imma end here now but look for sum of the pics i took afta my meetin. so until next time yall this is the rebel signin out

Monday, January 24, 2011


no im not talkin bout the froyo 2.2.(fone geek stuff dont worry bout it i'll tell u lata lol) either. im talkin bout the update HERE to this site!. jus spoke to my big bro big brother biz and confirmed it by the end of today possibly tomorrow the necessary changes that need to b made to the site will take place. i will have a video and a post explainin wat each aspect will b about. aside frum that i had a recordin session this past thursday wit none other then filly the class loser. mr bostic was gracious enough to show up n do his thing. he layed down his hook for this surprise track i have cookin up for yall so b on the look out for that. he also recorded his own solo track which came out pretty good. a nice radio friendly joint i could pic hearin on 105.1 n seein on 106& park. enough bout the past lets take u to the future shall we.... tomorrow (jan 25th 2011) i have a meeting with a representative from greenhouse (a venue in the city) all goes well we could b doin a lot of heavy business in the last quarter of the year. right after that i have yet another recordin session with filly. i plan to knock out about maybe 3 or 4 songs. even though there is no set date for the mixtape (wink wink) i will still b deliverin yall heat until then so stay tuned rebels and rebelettes this is blackout the rebel signin out for now 1  

Friday, January 21, 2011


wat it b like rebels and rebelettes man do i have sum updates for u. first of all the studio session yesterday was great! mr. bostic dropped his heat for this song me n him r doin (cant reveal wat that is as of yet). i layed down this track called "one more night". has a very upbeat optimistic spring time feel to it. i thought bout savin that 4 a mixtape but filly and bostic talked me in2 releasin it sooner then that so expect this song droppin around maybe late march or sumthin like that. as far as the video is concerned yes yes i kno the vid came out horizontal lol i will turn the camera around or wateva next time. in other news, i spoke to some reps for sum venues n they both went pretty well. in fact, i have a meetin with one of them this tuesday at noon. smh frum now till then i have to get my portfolio and everything ready. easier said then done seein as how my internet is down in my house for the next couple of days. i probably wont need much because honestly i may not want to do business with them right now for the fact that there was 2 much money involved as far as payments is concerned. today im workin both jobs but i will c how much business i can get done so with that said imma end this post now this is the rebel signin out 1

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up all night

Wats good yall its the rebel n awww man do i have sum news for yall. First off I had two successful business calls. I have a meeting with a representative this tuesday so wish me luck. On another note im gearin up for this recordin session tomorrow. Lata on I was helpin my nephews wit they homework n now im wildin out wit my team. We jus came frum ihop n was goin in there now we at usa diner. Shit is dead in here but we gonna livin this shit up watch. My apologies on no video right now the site iz still being fixed. Everything should b a go by the end of the week so stay tuned. Until then imma b handlin business as usual and on my music so till next time this is the rebel signin out 1
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Still under construction

Hey rebels wats hood sorry for bieng m.i.a. the site as u can prolly c is still under construction but it should 100% by the end of the week. I have a video ready to upload so b on the lookout for that also b ready for exclusive footage frum my studio session tomorrow with j.riff mr bostic and of course...straight frum the labs own filly the class loser and john aka darkside. As far as work is concerned I had a rough few days but its ova now thank god. I have to take the time out to say thanks to dr. martin luther king jr for everyrhing hes done. He literally gave his life for his dream n all of us. I pray im strong enough to do the same. with that said that bout raps up this post I"ll holla lata rebels this is the rebel signin out 1
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Friday, January 14, 2011


greetings rebels of course u kno who it is mr. Raps Last Hope himself and im goin to give u a recap on the other day. yesterday started off crazy rocky because i was late 4 my recordin session. idk how but i left my external hard drive and my written raps at home in my book bag so i had 2 get off the bus n cum all the way back home smh. afta being almost 2 whole hours late i finally got there n layed down everything i needed as well as went ova a few things. sum of which pertained to the last couple songs for the mixtape as well misc songs not 2 mention i got a lil crash course on how to make beats. of course i neva got a chance 2 make any cuz when i got home it was time 4 my youngest nephew (jourdan) ceremony. he got his orange belt in karate, im truly happy n proud of him lil man is a monster lol. afta that i treated my whole fam to popeyes. right afta that my homegurl mimi came threw soooo so much for tryna work beats right smh. friday through monday i work so i'll c if i can cram in sum time in between then. as far as business is concerned things are movin well. now that i have my new fone imma start hittin these venues up again so i should hopefully have sumthin solid by the end of this month God willin. that bout does it 4 yesterday as 4 2day i am tired as hell workin both jobs n sumhow imma still handle business and write new songs. get at me if u need 2 people im always around 24/7 for yall so until then this is the rebel signin out lata

Thursday, January 13, 2011


good mornin to most and goodnight to some this is the rebel of course updating yall on sum of the things u missed in the past day. had a nice productive business call with my home gurl Lisha (who is head of Lisha Enterpise so please be on the lookout for her ESPECIALLY if your lookin to shoot your next video,commerical,interview etc) and basically what is floatin around right now is that me and her will not only be doin videos together but also a commercial and possibly an interview! we are tryin to shoot for next week possibly if our schedules permit it so get yaselves ready for that. the title of this post is called "under construction" and the reason for that is because this page is still very new so there is a lot of changes that need to be made. the feedback i have been receivin is very good but myself as well as a few of my peoples think there are sum ways 2 really crank this page up. i will be tryna set up a business call with biz ( @bigbrotherbiz @microphonebully ) tomorrow so we can discuss the nessecary changes that need to be made. in the mean time if your reading this and would like sum input feel free to tweet me hit me on facebook or gmail ( besides that i am here gearing up for my recordin session today at 12. gonna b possibly wrappin up the mixtape by the end of next week prayerfully. that is all 4 now so until next time my fellow rebels this is the rebel signin out

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


wat it b like yall this is the man of the hour himself BLACKOUT THE REBEL and this is my blogsite! here you will get the most in depth look at my life behind the scenes as well as wat you see on camera/tv etc. i chose to do this to not only give my fans a chance to know the real me but also so i can kno them. thats y there is a facebook and a twitter link not to mention at any given time anyone can comment or ask me questions directly on here. i will be on this site constantly to make sure im updating you with everything that happens to me as well as answering questions n chattin it up wit yall. thats all...for now but i will b postin heavy lata on expplainin in depth sum of the features that this site will be havin so until then 

this is the rebel signin out...lataz
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