Tuesday, March 29, 2011



almost 5 months until my project is ready to be delivered (and no im not referring to my mixtape although that plays a pivotal role in it). 5 months...and i feel so behind. so many steps i have to take, meetings that have to be set up, deals that have to be made the list goes on. some may say 5 months is a lot of time but in my opinion i dont think so. i think back when it was January first n i said to myself i want to have this and that locked in by march. here it is almost april and thats not the case at all. its not a lack of motivation or im lazy its simply time. the time i spend at work making the money to fund my endeavors kills my time making those same endeavors come true. sort of in a damned if i do damned if i dont situation here however i will not let this hinder me. 5 months to me just means i have 3 months to make it all happen (i HATE last minute running around). just recently it has come to my attention that some people i was planning on doing business with has just redirected their entire outlook. that means i now have to find a different group of people to pitch this idea to...which is not SO bad since i already have a group of individuals in mind. a nice meeting with my producer this thursday should help me sort things out a bit. in the meantime i will revamp my business proposal as well as take care of all necessary tasks until the due date. i haven't blogged in a while so i figured i would share this with you to let you know what i have been up to recently.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


hey rebels n rebelettes u kno who it is n wat it is. today was a lil busy as u can already see. today was the 5th episode of must rebel tv. today i knocked out 3 songs so im satisfied wit that. 2 of the songs i did 2day for sure r goin on rebel thursdays so b on the look oout for them very soon. besides that im gearing up for FAN-A-DAY. wat fan a day is me introducing myself to complete strangers on twitter and tellin them bout my music website and all the features my site has. if they like the music and would like to become a fan then i will put them on their very own list where they can network n talk with one another as well having a more direct connection wit me n i with them. along wit that i will set up a video thanking the newcomer to the site and to my fan base. on another note im also gearin up to cum back to the stage and perform more. my goal is to perform at least twice as much as i did last year and hit 3x's as much venus as last year as well. we will c how that turns out so stay tuned until next time rebels n rebelettes this is blackout the rebel signin out...stay rebellious
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