Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Live wire tv

Greetings and salutations rebels and rebelettes. This past Sunday I had a interview with the good people of lge wire tv. Along with this interview I also performed. Truth be told this was the first performance I have done this whole year (due to politics, business endeavors etc). The interview went very well I had a great time. The questions were great and the energy/vibe was amazing. Came time to perform and I went crazy! Felt great being back performing in front of people. Once it was over I left feeling a high I haven't felt in so long. The high of being on stage is unmatched. I can't wait for my full return to the stage which might be next month so stay tuned. In the meantime I want yall to stay rebellious...this is blackout the rebel signing out.
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Monday, July 18, 2011


whats going on my Rebels and Rebelettes. You thought that my previous post had a lot of stuff going on well check this post out smh. This past thursday it was all about work which is fine by me. Thursday morning i was up for my recording session. The reason why this session wasn't filmed was because this was more so a session of me doing some last minute changes to the songs for the mixtape. Right after that the guy who shoots videos and everything came in for our meeting. Everything went smooth as always. A lot of things were said and locked in for the near future. At least about 3 different projects i would say so be on the lookout. Right after that i had a meeting with one of my photographers. we spoke about the cover art for the mixtape and just about new projects coming up soon so once we both said what needed to be said things were great. As soon as that meeting was over me and the photographer headed out to 5ptz in long island city. We took a few shots for upcoming magazine submissions or whatever. i really think the ones i took on this chair came out pretty good. Finally after that was done it was time to head back home where i then had to go straight to the barber shop so i could get ready for the movies with the team. we saw the new x-men first class movie which in my opinion was the best x-men movie to date! they messed up with a lot of facts and events of the story line but from what they managed to salvage and what they decided to do with it was remarkable. Yea in a nutshell that was my whole entire day smh. I would DEFINITELY say this wraps up this post be sure to always check in here and see what i have going on. This is BLACKOUT THE REBEL asking yall to always stay rebellious im out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good doing business

Yesterday I had a business meeting with an associate to discuss music and touring. A lot of great ideas were exchanged as far as the overall big picture and just some little things that can be added to improv on stuff. Can't get into full details as to what was discussed yet but believe me you will know when the times right. Until though....stay rebellious lol.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


whats going on rebels and rebelettes. Last week i closed a deal with a editor,writer,promoter who gave me a lovely deal which included various promo and song placement. one part of the package included having one of my songs on some how some way @pinkcookiz (the editor i was just speaking about) got my song "Hold on one more day" to be #1 on the charts! the real crazy thing is that she did it in just 1 day. i cant tell you how but she did i couldn't believe my eyes. it felt great especially looking at all the listens and stats. The last time i checked it was listened to about 16,00+ times. It received a bronze medal...not gold but then again it was 16,00+ more listens then i had yesterday so i still feel pretty good. This is just the beginning and i am well ready for all of it.
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