Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo shoot pt 4 of 4

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Photo shoot pt 3 of 4

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Photo shoot pt 2 of 4

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Pics from shoot pt 1 of 4

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Photo Shoot with Microphonebully

whats going on my rebels and rebelettes. hope everyone has been well. a couple weeks ago i did a photo shoot with Microphone Bully. These picks were to update the website as well as submitting them to magazines, other websites etc. More importantky then of the picks from this photo shoot was for the cover art of my mixtape. we met up in the city around 50th and 8th. fro, there we drove around looking for locations. the first location was this back street that had a lot of construction going on. you cant see the construction but you see me up against a fence and it looks very gritty and raw lol. the second location i believe was this wall with some crazy designs. (this actually may have been the first location i cant remember). these shots came out very good. one of them was very close to being on the cover. 

the third was in this parking lot. the lighting was ill, def good some shots in there. lastly we were up around the 70's and found this dead end sort of. we had the cars high beams on to get a better image and shot. it payed off because not only did we get good shots but one of them became the pose for the cover art. the whole thing took about an hour or so which is pretty damn decent. i will be uploading a few now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The back of my palm cards. Got the QR code and everything!


The front of my new palm cards!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Networking Event

Last week I attended my friend and colleagues networking event. Got there later then I expected but we made it there and had a great time. Met a few people that i am already in the process of doing business with nit to mention it was just an all around great evening. Had a few drinks, laughed, ate then went home and got straight to business. The venue we attended was the katra lounge in lower Manhattan. Nice little two level lounge, drinks were nice as well as the ambiance. The next one coming up is in November so I am trying to get ready for that. In the meantime I will ge closing these deals making music and...staying rebellious.

My First Autograph

Sorry I am getting back to you guys so late. Everyday its always something but whatever. Not to long ago I was chillin with a friend when of all of a sudden she pulls out the issue of hip hop weekly that i was featured in. Its been a while since I have taken a look at it, she then tells me to sign it. I was mad caught off guard and surprised. She handed me a marker and I thought long and hard about what I was going to write because I didn't want to mess up of course but also for another reason. This is my first autograph ever! If you never been asked for an autograph and someone actually asks you, its an overwhelming feeling. I signed it and felt like Im headed the right way and almost there. She said thank you but I told her thank you because her support and gesture was very thoughtful and endearing. Something like that i will never forget.
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