Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mad loose

Wat up rebels n rebelettes last night was sumthin else. After work I headed over to this hangout spot by my job cuz I heard it was sumones bday who works wit me. I didnt plan to stay long cuz one I had to chill wit my sis in a few hours n two I didnt think I would kno ne1 there. I got there n I practically knew everyone! So I decided to have sum drinks danced a lil n jus talkes n chilled. Sum random lap dance that this dude was tryna do to this gurl resulted in mad glasses breakin n tables being knocked over. One of my co workers had a lil more then she needed cuz she was all over the place a few other people were sloppy drunk n wildin as well smh. I cant wait to get back to work n c every1 blackmail each other lol. Afta that was all done we headed to the diner where we were wildin out ova there as well. Eventually we did all have to get home so we parted ways n I came home to sleep only for half hour cuz my sis was takin me out at the ass crack of dawn lol. Thats my night yall right now im at ihop ready to enjoy a much needed breakfast
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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Blackout The Rebel
August 20, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Male Artist Interviews

anCor: What is your name and where are you from?

Blackout The Rebel: My name is BLACKOUT THE REBEL and I hail from south side Jamaica queens

anCor: Who has supported you along your journey with being a rap artist?

Blackout The Rebel: My family and close friends have been very supportive and encouraging of what I’m trying to accomplish I appreciate it and thank them heavily

anCor: Who introduced you into the Hip/Hop/Rap industry?

Blackout The Rebel: For the most part I introduced myself to the behind the scenes of this industry but I can say my big cousin and artist Shea Parka definitely taught me a lot. As far as coming into the game it all started when I was 9 and I had to do a performance at the end of this program called “enact” my friends and I decided to do a rap and it was history from there.

anCor: How do you feel the Rap/Hip-Hop scene has changed since the early 90’s?

Blackout The Rebel: The hip hop scene has changed in the sense that everything is a lot more commercial not to mention watered down. The intensity and realism has been replaced with heartless music just for the sake of making money

anCor: Why do you think it is hard to get a record deal now days?

Blackout The Rebel: It’s hard for numerous reasons. #1 EVERYONE these days seems to think they are an artist so it makes it that much more difficult to differentiate yourself from the herd. #2 with the drastic turn in the direction of hip/hop, labels and A&R’s are trying their best to find what’s hot right now. That hurts certain people’s chances because a lot of times they do not match the criteria of what they are looking for. Doesn’t mean they are not talented it just means they aren’t what seems profitable at the moment so they get pushed to the back.

anCor: Do you think now we have more one hit wonders than ever before?

Blackout The Rebel: Most definitely! With a rise in ringtone sales alone it makes it that much easier to become rich off of just one song so the hunger and heart dies very quickly. Also with the recession still in affect labels don’t have time nor money to continue to push an artist that they might feel wont make it so regardless of how nice you may think an artist is if the label or whoever is backing him doesn’t think its going to work you might never hear from him again.

anCor: Do you support local talent from your town?

Blackout The Rebel: I try my best to because I know I want that in return and also the underground circuit is a lot better then what is out here as far as mainstream goes…with the exception of a few select people. I would say look out for sho-pyn, T-kor, street fleet, hev star, d. stephens, just to name a few.

anCor: What are a few pros and cons to being an independent artist?

Blackout The Rebel: The pros, I would have to say is the freedom. Everything is pretty much your call and decision. Also you have more freedom in your music as well. You can pretty much say whatever you like without having to hear someone breathe down your neck about it. The cons are that it’s all up to you for the most part. So if you don’t have a strong work ethic to grind and take care of business then you yourself are the blame for your failure. Another thing is finances….a lot of times things will be coming straight out of your own pocket and that can get costly especially if you’re just starting out and have no income off your music yet.

anCor: Do you currently have your music digitally distributed?

Blackout The Rebel: I don’t have my music distributed just yet I’m still gearing and perfecting the mix tape and album that will be released next year. I do however have a few songs on my sites that are downloadable. The links to them are and also

anCor: Are you currently working on any new material?

Blackout The Rebel: ALWAYS! Today I just finished my verse for this mix tape my cousin Shea Parka is in charge of, as usual I have some music on the microphone bully mix tape dropping this month, last but certainly not least I am currently finishing up the first few songs for the mix tape and the album at the same time.

anCor: Any words of wisdom?

Blackout The Rebel: Don’t let anyone or anything defer you from your dreams or passion. No matter what keep fighting even when it feels like you have nothing left and want to give up. Also don’t be afraid to be yourself not just in music but in general. We are who we are for a reason so embrace that, whoever doesn’t like it is their lost because we all have beauty deep inside us all….some just have more layers over it then others.

Shout Outs: I want to give a shout out to my family and friends for holding me down I could not do it without your kind words and gestures. I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my fans, its because of all of you out there that I get up and strive to this everyday I have the best fans in the world and I vow to try my best to not let you down. Last but not least I would like to give a shout out to you chanell and ancor I thank you and appreciate you/ya’ll for this opportunity.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wait....again?! Is bkackout the rebel on another microphone bully mixtape
or is that the same one? Yes its true I'm on yet another mixtape by mic bully!
This one is more crack then the last so get to downloading!

Download This Is Mic Bully Radio Vol.2 Free

This is Mic Bully Radio Vol. 2 Tracklist:

1. All-Biz - Expression Intro
2. Chance Fischer - The Lights
3. Torch ft. Red Cafe, Pusha T & Masspike Miles - Round & Round
4. Young Chris Ft. Marsha Ambrosious - Hey Young Girl
5. Willie The Kid Ft. Styles P - Live from the Ritz
6. Wiz Khalifa - Stuntin
7. Darq Ft. Official Gat - Get A Win
8. Thadd Williams - Center of Attention
9. Chamillionaire - Rubber Bands
10. Crooked I - OK Bye
11. Rick Ross Ft. Meek Mill - Perfectionist
12. Tony Yayo Ft. Maino - OJ Gloves
13. All-Biz - Rising Icon
14. Spot - My Fella
15. been Official - Come on Son
16. Y.P.B - Hometown
17. Shawn Don - I'm Dreaming
18. CHICAN George - Can't Stop
19. First D - Who You With
20. Blackout The Rebel - I am Who You Are


Wat up yall got sum crazy good news to put u up on. I am featured on microphone bully newest mixtape! Thats right so if u support real grind n real music then u should b half way finished downloading this mixtape by now trust me this whole project is fire!

"Bullying Everything" Direct Download Link

Monday, February 21, 2011


greetings rebels n rebelettes. before i even begin to tell yall bout my day i have to share these 3 dreams i had wit yall. one thing u have to kno bout me is that i b havin sum random ass dreams for real. ok here we go....

DREAM1: it starts out im runnin in what it looks to be flushin queens. im along side most of my friends and cuzin. turns out we jus robbed this jewelry store n the cops r on to us. when i looked at the merchandise that we stole all i saw was sum bullshit cubic zirconia earrings. the same damn ones you could find on jamaiaca ave smmfh. neways i also remember my dude bj hauling an amazin amount of ass lol. you would have thought this nigga had warrants or sumthin lol. he tosses the rest of the stuff over to me and we seperate. at this point now im runnin through the town by myself dodging cars, hoppin fences the works...THE END! for wateva reason the dream ended right there...or so i thought.....

DREAM2: in a weird way me runnin around and doin all that stuff in the last dream greatly affected the outcome of this dream. apparently i was doin all this n it continued kind of while i was at work n on the clock. the head boss happened to have found me n immediately fired me. i remember in my dream i was explainin to him that i never even had a write up before so for me to be fired right here on the spot is wrong. he continued to give me a hard time so i already had it in my mind that i was goin to go to my other boss and ask him if i could jus be relocated to a different place. i woke up abruptly n was happy it was a dream n i still had a job lol. i think wat really triggered this dream was the fact that a coworker n i wewre discussin people being fired the other day and how they only aim to fire people who have been written up. its amazin wat your sub conscious can pick up smh.

DREAM3 the 3rd and final dream was jus plain wtf. i was walkin home (frum where i have no idea dont ask me) and sum shorty pulled up in a car n bagged me. i told her to drop me off close to my house n she started tryna kiss me or wateva. when sumthin is too good to b tru IT REALLY IS. since she was in a car i wasnt gonna bother to ask for her age but sumthin told me to jus do it neway because she looked young to begin with. i asked her n this gurl was fuckin 13 YEARS OLD! i was like um UUUPPPP im gone. opened the door n flew the fuck up outta there lol. (y is a 13 yr old drivin around queens pickin up guys idk its beyond me) but i do kno that when i finally got in the house there was poppa johns and domino's pizza waitin for me....and then i woke up smmfh 

there u have it folks. this is wat runs through my mind sumtimes when i sleep which is y i try 2 stay awake cuz at least then i kno im in control of my own thoughts.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursdays at petra!

It seems as though that this is begining to be a weekly of which that I have absolutely no problem with at all lol. My cuzin splitscreen had to handle some business with the owner so myself and two of our friends came along for support and just to hang out. Once we got in we got escorted to the vip (as usual and was "comped" with a free bottle of ciroc. They bought it to us wit a fire cracker stickin out the top it was crazy. Not to long after a few girls came by had a few drinks talked mingled networked and we left. Next week I believe they have sumthin there n once again u will catch me there as on time ready to do business as well as have a good time. From there we went to the manhattan proper to meet up with my cuzins co workers. Had more drinks there as well as sum laughs, n food n then went to rumba sky. It was ova by the time we got there but we still hung out outside wit juice n few others. Once that was ova we then went to onyx lounge (i kno mad shit in one night right) hung out there briefly n finally finally went home lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bizzy as a beaver

Hey rebels n rebelettes. As u can c things have definitely been movin into hyperforce speed smh. For starters I would like to thank everyone who watched "must rebel tv" yesterday. It was my first episode n I think it well. I Received a lot feedback that will b utilized greatly. For those of u who did not watch the show it was me inside the booth wit filly the class loser doin the engineering. I recorded four songs as well as had a very good convo bout distribution. Next weeks episode should air wednesday 12noon. I will b recording music as usual n chattin it up wit yall out there answering questions n comments. Im trying to c if lisha (lisha enterprises) will do the shooting for me we will c. In other news just got the word from big brother biz that im due to b on the next mixtape hosted by him. So look out for that as well as other surprises I will soon be discussin. So until next time rebels n rebelettes this is the rebel signing out one
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Saturday, February 12, 2011




rebel vision is videos of me in everyday life as well as performances and music videos

Friday, February 11, 2011


ok rebels n rebelettes i been gone wit the posts 4 a lil bit cuz i was busy enjoyin my birthday week n also puttoin the finishin touches on the site. but in depth this is the full run down on everything my site will have to offer. we have REBEL VISION,MUST REBEL TV, REBELS SPOT LIGHT, REBEL MUSIC AND THE REBEL SLIDE SHOW each of which i will explain in their own post so stay tuned yall this is the rebel signin out lata yall speak to yall in a few

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Blackout The Rebel  "Hold On One More Day" 
Listen And Download Below

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The man who made it all possible: Glen Richards

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Lisha splitscreen and mimi

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My cuzin splitscreen

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Dj instynctz!

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Lisha n mimi

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More pics

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Pics from the networking event continued

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pix frum the networking event

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finally made it to play lounge and the shit is mad tiny on the outside we almost missed it smh. gettin inside though it was a decent size i guess. one thing i noticed off the back was that it was WAY to many high school kids there smh i felt like i was gonna b arrested by jus breathin in there lol. not even really 40 min in there sum dude gets rocked hard. i turned around n son was jus layed out on the floor smh lol it wasnt even right. so now mad dudes rush in tryna get it poppin smh one of them has a gun yada yada yada its always the same shit. it dont even phase me no more. one of the reasons i fell back frum clubs n partys n shit. but in a nut shell that was my night cuz as soon as that happened the spot was shut down n it was already like 3:30 n i had work in the mornin at 9 so0o0o yea i was gone lol. SO my rebels n rebelettes that bout raps up my crazy night until next time this is the rebel signin out 1


After that event we had to set sail for petra lounge for @splitscr33n meeting. the meeting went well and everything is set for next week. feb 10, 2011 it will be my birthday party at petra lounge in long island city. drinks strippers music n vip idk wat else you could want or ask for. if you are a fan of my music or one of my peoples feel free to hit me up bout cummin through. afta the meetin we hung out n checked the spot out. had a celebratory shot with the bartender (who was highly attractive by the way), got sum private lapdances from some of the ladies and jus hung out n vibed. its a good scene n will be back there even after my b-day. even with all this done u would think the night is ova right? WRONG! once we left there we picked up juice and hit up play lounge...


greetings rebels n rebelettes. last night was so productive and fun at the same time. if u been readin my previous post then u would kno that i went to this networking event for young entrepreneurs. i feel the event was a success met a few people, exchanged sum info, ideas, and opinions. not even an hour there and i was asked to rap for this guys blog. so in the spirit of the event i thought it was fittin for me to do this gangsta track i been workin on...... lmao na im jus fuckin wit ya lol. u kno me cum on now, i hit him wit "get up to get it". not for nuthin that gangsta stuff aint my style like that no offense to those who do it but thats not wat im tryna do especially in a settin like that. had a few drinks put a lot of my people on like my cuzin @splitscr33n who is a party coordinator not to mention a boss for his job at y.a.i. and my homegurl @lisha_ent who is a video director/editor. i would like to say shout outs to my dude dj instynctz he held it down as usual for the night on the 1's and 2's. the decor n feel of the night was good n it was jus the place to be. thats bout it for that part of the night because right afta that we had a meeting with the owner of petra lounge.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


wat up my rebels n rebelettes. ok so as u can c the site is almost done with its upgrades and improvements. one of which is the ustream. with that you will be seeing behind the scenes of wat my life is like on a regular basis. i call it... MUST REBEL TV. things would have been fixed earlier but there were sum complications in the confirmation/verification process of activiatin my account to download everything i need. finally n gladly all that is taken care of. hopefully my graphic designer will b on it n finish things tomorrow so stay tuned rebels n rebelettes its bout 2 get mad crazy on here!


wats hood rebels n rebelettes! sorry i been m.i.a. i been workin hard both at my jobs and wit my music. update with that is i layed down sum heat in this recordin session yesterday. a lot of networkin has been taken place and im feelin very confident about everything that is goin on. one thing im gettin ready for is the YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS AND PROFESSIONALS NETWORKING EVENT. this is an event that my dude is runnin n its only the beginin. there b an event like this once every month (usually on a thursday night). this event in particlular is catered to the youth who r strivin to get into a business of their own and would like to know how or network with people that were in their shoes at one time. there will b a $500.00 give away not to mention a spa package for two. did i mention that there will be drinks and food not to mention the dj of the night will b none other then DJ INSTYNCTZ! its goin down 4 real so if u tryna break into the business world n become ya own boss or u jus lookin to network your already established business then swing through. starts at 7pm  Loft 56/Nexus Townhouse - 39 West 56th Street New York, NYtickets r $30.00 per person but afta everything i jus mentioned dont u think its well worth it? ne1 tryna roll feel free to hit me up bout more details and questions thats it for this post this is the rebel signin out 1

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