Friday, June 17, 2011


whats going on yall. yo when i say today was busy today was a doozy smh. as soon as i got up i worked out a little bit. from there i headed to hall of fame on the ave to shoot the final scene for the video "get up to get it". we got the shots we wanted and had a good time. shout out to the lovely ladies of that place bubbles, brooklyn and the newcomer trinity. if that wasn't enough work i went from the ave straight to the lab to record some new music. knocked out two songs and recorded my verse for microphonebully's own biz.

once that was over i helped my nephew with his raps as i said before. time to finally get my haircut which is something i needed in the worsest of ways lol. came home to handle a few things online. spoke to some great of which happened to be MIKE JONES. that was a surprising and rewarding experience. couldn't stay and politic too long because i had to get ready to see my dude @SHO-PYN perform at the @overtimeconcert. in my opinion everyone held it down i was impressed! once it was all said and done i was on the first F back to queens to update the website and get ready for work tomorrow. so yea that was my day guys.

i feel as though that i should be sleep which i will be soon but business first. i never want to go a day without progressing both as an artist and as a person so today i think i just made it that much harder for tomorrows me which is good because i like challenges.

Little Brother

today was a busy ass day smh (i will get into that later) but i had to rush home today to help my oldest nephew with something. he has a performance to do for school so he picked a rap so he can be like his uncle smh. i always wanted my music and everything to have an impact on people but to visually see it before my eyes is amazing. he was so happy and thankful for me helping him with his music. he reminds me to much of myself at that age lol. i heard his rap...its cute. he has elements in it that are old school but he mixes it well with more modern stuff. needless to say i was impressed. i told him about his breathing, about messing up and keep going, making sure you remember your verse. i have time tuesday so i will finish up working with him. i know he's going to kill it though.

later that night i received a call from my big brother biz. we spoke about certain business and as always he gave me a few pointers which i am grateful to have been able to learn from him. i had to post this because today was representation of how music is supposed to be done. you have the eldest (my brother biz) teach me a few things about music i in turn that this information and help my little nephew as well as give him some tips that i knew already. one generation helping the next. if we had this concept theres no telling where hip hop could go.

something to think about.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Up all night

(Sigh) can't sleep and on top of that I have a headache smh. I have to say I had a good time. Nothing crazy just went out for ny dudes birthday. I would have recorded it but ny battery wasn't looking to right lol. Everyone had to part ways early because of work is something. My something happens to be studio tomorrow so you know what that means....must rebel tv!. New live episode but this time I have a LOT of recording to do. On top of that I also have to do the final mixing for the mixtape so tomorrow will be busy for me. All in all I'm excited and ready so I will speak and see you guys in a few hours good night.
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