Tuesday, September 20, 2011

performance locked in

What's going on guys. Yes i know its been a while I have been busy getting everything together for this fall and winter. So far so good a lot of things are falling into place I will get into that when the time is right. But OK lets get into what this post is about.

Just had a meeting today and well it looks like the rebel will be performing at the Nuyo Rican cafe Sunday Nov 6th. I had the opportunity to perform sooner but I preferred it be later for a few reasons.

One reason was because I didn't want a mishap like the last event. Granted I enjoyed myself, and did my thing but the amount of promotion put into it was not good enough at all. I had about 2 and a half maybe 3 weeks tops to get the word out which is not at all enough time especially given the hours I work. All in all like 5 people came out for me smh. That was also due to the fact that since it was last minute everybody was either busy or not around. A couple of friends were even performing at another venue smh.

Another and the biggest reason that I want to wait is because if everything goes according to plan then the mixtape will be released by then so i will have physical copies to distribute. Great things take time and planning so with this venue I plan to correct the errors from the last event.

Get ready rebels and rebelettes because blackout the rebel is ending this year with a bang!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Being from NYC is not always fun and games. For whatever reason we had an aftershock of an earthquake and a hurricane in the same damn week smh. This hurricane also happened to take place on the days I had to go to work. So you know bosses called me in smh. Actually though....its wasn't that bad. When i first got there I was mad tight later on though I made the best of it and had a good time. It was funny seeing people outside looking for food looking like zombies smh lol. My fam and everybody I know was safe so that's the important thing not to mention I got a few extra dollars out of the deal so all in all it was an interesting fun stressful tiring BS experience.


What's going on my rebels and rebelettes blackout the rebel is here with a messed up update. You guys remember the last event I did at times square arts center right? Well while I was there my dudes "street fleet" were at another venue doing there thing. They came in first so big ups to them. Speaking to them I found out that they have a weekly event so today was the day that they were all going to perform. I honestly was not up to it because I have things to improve on as far as my stage performance is concerned. The reason I opted to perform was because my other dude Mr. Bostic was going there and I'm hearing that he's moving soon so this might be one of last times i get to perform with him. Kind of a goodbye thing I wanted to perform "get up to get it" one last time. Fast forward everyone is running around rushing to make it to the venue when all of a sudden we hear that the showcase is canceled. Needless to say the fleet and everyone else was pissed. This isn't the first time we have experienced bad business like this but its whatever I'm just glad I didn't promote this event smh.
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