Tuesday, September 20, 2011

performance locked in

What's going on guys. Yes i know its been a while I have been busy getting everything together for this fall and winter. So far so good a lot of things are falling into place I will get into that when the time is right. But OK lets get into what this post is about.

Just had a meeting today and well it looks like the rebel will be performing at the Nuyo Rican cafe Sunday Nov 6th. I had the opportunity to perform sooner but I preferred it be later for a few reasons.

One reason was because I didn't want a mishap like the last event. Granted I enjoyed myself, and did my thing but the amount of promotion put into it was not good enough at all. I had about 2 and a half maybe 3 weeks tops to get the word out which is not at all enough time especially given the hours I work. All in all like 5 people came out for me smh. That was also due to the fact that since it was last minute everybody was either busy or not around. A couple of friends were even performing at another venue smh.

Another and the biggest reason that I want to wait is because if everything goes according to plan then the mixtape will be released by then so i will have physical copies to distribute. Great things take time and planning so with this venue I plan to correct the errors from the last event.

Get ready rebels and rebelettes because blackout the rebel is ending this year with a bang!

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