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Blackout The Rebel
August 20, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Male Artist Interviews

anCor: What is your name and where are you from?

Blackout The Rebel: My name is BLACKOUT THE REBEL and I hail from south side Jamaica queens

anCor: Who has supported you along your journey with being a rap artist?

Blackout The Rebel: My family and close friends have been very supportive and encouraging of what I’m trying to accomplish I appreciate it and thank them heavily

anCor: Who introduced you into the Hip/Hop/Rap industry?

Blackout The Rebel: For the most part I introduced myself to the behind the scenes of this industry but I can say my big cousin and artist Shea Parka definitely taught me a lot. As far as coming into the game it all started when I was 9 and I had to do a performance at the end of this program called “enact” my friends and I decided to do a rap and it was history from there.

anCor: How do you feel the Rap/Hip-Hop scene has changed since the early 90’s?

Blackout The Rebel: The hip hop scene has changed in the sense that everything is a lot more commercial not to mention watered down. The intensity and realism has been replaced with heartless music just for the sake of making money

anCor: Why do you think it is hard to get a record deal now days?

Blackout The Rebel: It’s hard for numerous reasons. #1 EVERYONE these days seems to think they are an artist so it makes it that much more difficult to differentiate yourself from the herd. #2 with the drastic turn in the direction of hip/hop, labels and A&R’s are trying their best to find what’s hot right now. That hurts certain people’s chances because a lot of times they do not match the criteria of what they are looking for. Doesn’t mean they are not talented it just means they aren’t what seems profitable at the moment so they get pushed to the back.

anCor: Do you think now we have more one hit wonders than ever before?

Blackout The Rebel: Most definitely! With a rise in ringtone sales alone it makes it that much easier to become rich off of just one song so the hunger and heart dies very quickly. Also with the recession still in affect labels don’t have time nor money to continue to push an artist that they might feel wont make it so regardless of how nice you may think an artist is if the label or whoever is backing him doesn’t think its going to work you might never hear from him again.

anCor: Do you support local talent from your town?

Blackout The Rebel: I try my best to because I know I want that in return and also the underground circuit is a lot better then what is out here as far as mainstream goes…with the exception of a few select people. I would say look out for sho-pyn, T-kor, street fleet, hev star, d. stephens, just to name a few.

anCor: What are a few pros and cons to being an independent artist?

Blackout The Rebel: The pros, I would have to say is the freedom. Everything is pretty much your call and decision. Also you have more freedom in your music as well. You can pretty much say whatever you like without having to hear someone breathe down your neck about it. The cons are that it’s all up to you for the most part. So if you don’t have a strong work ethic to grind and take care of business then you yourself are the blame for your failure. Another thing is finances….a lot of times things will be coming straight out of your own pocket and that can get costly especially if you’re just starting out and have no income off your music yet.

anCor: Do you currently have your music digitally distributed?

Blackout The Rebel: I don’t have my music distributed just yet I’m still gearing and perfecting the mix tape and album that will be released next year. I do however have a few songs on my sites that are downloadable. The links to them are and also

anCor: Are you currently working on any new material?

Blackout The Rebel: ALWAYS! Today I just finished my verse for this mix tape my cousin Shea Parka is in charge of, as usual I have some music on the microphone bully mix tape dropping this month, last but certainly not least I am currently finishing up the first few songs for the mix tape and the album at the same time.

anCor: Any words of wisdom?

Blackout The Rebel: Don’t let anyone or anything defer you from your dreams or passion. No matter what keep fighting even when it feels like you have nothing left and want to give up. Also don’t be afraid to be yourself not just in music but in general. We are who we are for a reason so embrace that, whoever doesn’t like it is their lost because we all have beauty deep inside us all….some just have more layers over it then others.

Shout Outs: I want to give a shout out to my family and friends for holding me down I could not do it without your kind words and gestures. I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my fans, its because of all of you out there that I get up and strive to this everyday I have the best fans in the world and I vow to try my best to not let you down. Last but not least I would like to give a shout out to you chanell and ancor I thank you and appreciate you/ya’ll for this opportunity.


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