Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pyramid Was A Success

Holiday greetings rebels and rebelettes. If you missed my performance at pyramid club then you missed magic that  could have taken place before your very eyes. I had so much fun smh. When i got there the people of the venue were late so i was stuck in the rain for a hot min eventually though they came and i was eventually able to warm up. Shortly after one of my friends from work came out as promised. He actually has his own talent agency on the come up as well (Push To Start talent agency) as well as a few shirts and various other merch promoting his brand. I promised i would wear some of his merch to help get his word out there. A few min go by and the rest of my team arrive. Since i was the opening act i was ready to kick off the night right. I think "worth fighting for" was perfect because i definitely felt a little bit of a mood shift. In most cases there's a lot of ego and tension in the air at these types of events but i really think my song helped minimize it. When i got off there was a lovely lady by the name of Deena who was singing my song so i took the time out to sign her copy of her cd. After that i continued passing out business cards and cds. All in all i would say that this night was a success!


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