Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pyramid Club

It feels like another day another show. Last week Tuesday i performed at Pyramid Club. it was an open mic which was music to my ears because i'm honestly sick of showcases. They're cool and all but showcases bring out so much ego, resentment, and jealousy. This show was a little different though. This time i made sure none of my people came out. why did i do this you ask? i did that because one i wanted to prepare myself for when it comes tiime to perform out of state and country. those familiar faces will not always be there so i wanted to prep myself. Another reason is because i wasnt trying to hear peoples lame ass excuses of why they can't make it. Granted it was last min bu still. After my last show i definitely stopped being so close with people. It may seem petty but it is what it is. Back to the show i had a good time. I performed "Countdown To The Last Hour", saw a lot of good talent and networked with people as well. I was glad i got a chance to network with the judges who were very cool and social able. I remember one person was a representative of which is big. Honestly i forgot who the other two were but they were very nice as well. After that i was getting ready to leave when i was stopped by these dudes. They stopped me to tell me that they liked my performance and the song. Turns out those dudes are from buffalo and have their own show. They were kind enough to feature me for a few seconds. All in all it was a fun and productive night.

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