Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wait Is Over

Since 2009 i've been working on trying to finish a mixtape or album well as of 11/24/11 i am finished with my first professional mixtape! I say professional because from 2006 to 2008 i was recording, editing, and mixing my projects myself. needless to say that they sounded horrible but hey you live and you learn. This time around i wanted it to be done right. From mixing, editing, mastering, graphics everything smh. I can't lie this project was more costly then i thought lol. Thank God i have such a love and passion for this because if i didn't i would have said to hell with this and started looking for a regular job because its so expensive lol. This was a good learning experience because now i have a better idea of what type of budget i will need for my projects. On a side note i can honestly see why artist go running for a that don't have to come out of pocket lol. Back to the topic  i want to give a shout out to Microphone Bully who did the graphic artwork. F.L.O. Empire for the duplication, Straight From The Lab Productions for the mixing, mastering and recording. Theres the people featured on the tape which is Mike Bostic and Filly The ClassLoser. Finally i want to thank my family for without them i don't think i could have continued and made it here without them. When i say family i include you the fans because you have embraced me and supported in this early stage of my career. Thank You and i really hope that everyone who hears and downloads my mixtape enjoys theirself.

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